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Radio sailing is a fun, enjoyable and sometime challenging sport that is suitable for the beginner, weekend sports person or professional sailor.  From social members to Australian and World champions, the sport caters for almost all ages and is able to be learnt by males and females alike.

At Perth Radio Sailing Club we welcome visitors from other radio sailing clubs, yacht clubs and the general public. If you haven't radio sailed before and you would like to give it ago, talk to our members at the lake or email us and we will see if we can accommodate a demonstration sail for you.

PRSC currently host two international classes, the International One Metre (IOM) and the Dragonflite 95.  The IOM is currently the most popular class with over 40 boats registered at the club but the DF95 numbers are growing rapidly and are a popular class for newcomers.

Jackadder lineup 2023

Sailing Venues:
The primary venue is Jackadder Lake in Woodlands and is the home of PRSC. Sailing and launching is usually conducted from the Birchwood Avenue car park, and has shopping, cafe and public facilities all with in a stone's throw from the sailing venue. From time to time we will sail at other venues such as Champion Lakes or Maylands Yacht Club, otherwise sailing will be at Jackadder Lake on every Saturday and Thursday afternoon at 2.00 pm, or Wednesday from 11.00 am.