The Racing Rules of Sailing 2020-24

The Racing Rules of Sailing 2020-24  These are the current rules that apply, and incorporate some changes, so your old blue book can no longer be relied on in every instance.

The Club's Notice of Race

PRSC NoR 2023  The Club's annual NoR for 2023, which provides the necessary link to the ARYA insurance coverage for all our scheduled events.

The Club's Sailing Instructions

There are two versions, depending upon which scoring system we are using when sailing a multi-fleet regatta, which is not often. For most events, the 'HMS' version is the most suitable.

PRSC Sailing Instructions 2021 HMS

PRSC Sailing Instructions 2021 SHRS

The Club's Local Rules

The PRSC Sailing Committee has determined that the below Local Rules shall apply to all club racing at Jackadder Lake, but only for non-ranking events:

1. To save time relaying course marks the windward and hinch marks shall be deemed to always be 4 boat lengths or less apart and thus no boat shall overtake another on the inside (between the ahead boat and the marker buoys) as no rights can be claimed by the trailing boat if no rights were earned before the windward mark.

2. The control area shall be deemed to include any on-water areas thus an observer in the rescue dinghy may be used to call starting line offences, boat contacts, mark contacts and finishing results plus a boat may receive on-water assistance from the rescue dinghy to remove weed, as long as that boat receives no material advantage from such action

Other Articles of Interest Regarding Rules  

Rules seminar Malta 2022

The Malta IOM Championships in November 2022 had a rest day due to bad weather and Rules guru Chris Watts provided an impromptu session which is available on YouTube via this link : 

Sportsmanship & The Rules

An extract from Tidings, the newsletter of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club 2018 Sportsmanship.pdf

A Selection of Articles Relating To Rules and Tactics