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The class was created in 1988 by Jan Dejmo aided by Graham Bantock and the Technical Committee of the IMYRU (predecessor of IRSA).  It has continued to grow steadily since its creation. Although carbon fibre is allowed in the construction of the fin and rudder, construction of the hull must be of either wood or glass fibre. Spars shall be of alloy or timber and the sails are to 'One Design' sizes. 

 The number of rigs is limited to three. This makes  the class very popular for amateur builders and many designers have plans for competitive boats. Builders who can supply kits for home completion or completed boats are plentiful.

The International One Meter class (IOM) is the most popular and most competitive international class in the world. The class is administered by the International One Meter Class Association. They hold World Championships every two years as well as European Championships in the non-Worlds years. Approximately 40 countries around the world sail this class, most of them holding National Championships annually.

In Australia, over 2000 boats have been registered up to the year 2018. There is an active circuit of racing with each of the States holding their own State Championships as well as Regional events. These events count towards a National ranking system, which is used to select Australian participants in International regattas.

At the other end of the spectrum, the IOM class is a great class for local clubs to sail. The boats are small enough to be easily transported and handled, whilst being large enough to sail really well. Most of the clubs in Western Australia sail the IOMs and we too have an active calendar of events, both in Perth as well as in Albany and Busselton.

Details of the class: 
Box class,  
One Design rigs
Glass hulls, carbon foils and alloy spars
Hull length 1 metre
Displacement 4 kgs
Draught 420 mm
Sail area 0.6 m²

Further details about the class can be found at the website of IOMICA: www.iomclass.org


Latest Results

Feb 25, 2021
PRSC DF95 Club Racing Thursday 25022021
Results added on Feb 25, 2021
Feb 25, 2021
PRSC IOM Club Racing Thursday 25022021
Results added on Feb 25, 2021
Feb 20, 2021
PRSC IOM Club Racing Saturday 200221
Results added on Feb 20, 2021

Coming Events

Mar 13, 2021
2021 WA A Class Bink Frayne Memorial
Jackadder Lake, Woodlands, WA
Racing Times:
All times are local time as available on local mobile phone services.
Day One: 13/03/2021
Registration: 0930 to 1000 hours
Measurement and inspection: 0930 to 1000 hours
Briefing commences: 1015 hours
Warning signal for first race: 1030 hours
Racing concludes: No Race will commence after 1600 hours
Presentation function: As soon as possible after racing ends