Jun 3, 2020

June Has Arrived

Hullo Sailors,

June has arrived and therefore so has winter, officially. All but the hardiest sailors, or the most forgetful, have dug out their wellies and waders and have eschewed shorts, bare feet and crocs for launching and retrieving boats. Already, trannie covers have been required to keep the electrical gear dry during the showers and now, we have the final proof that winter has arrived.

bbLight Winds. That’s the forecast for the next 7 days, brought about by a massive high pressure system sitting in the Bight and repelling all the cold fronts’ attempts to cross the southwest corner. So, no matter where you prefer to sail, this weekend you can expect drifting conditions and a requirement for a large amount of luck to consistently finish on the podium as you do or don’t choose the right place to put your boat on the water for when the next fluke appears.

In fact, not to make too big a point of it, you might be better off sailing at Jackadder, where the breeze may well be awful, but you won’t have jellyfish and TIDES to deal with on the water. And it’s a Championship Heat Day for IOMs, so that’s another reason.

Thursday 04 June 2020: IOM and DF 95 Club Racing, at Jackadder Lake from 2.00 pm. Weather: Partly Cloudy, Max 23, Light winds.

Saturday  06 June 2020: IOM and DF 95 Club Championships (IOM Heat 3), at Jackadder Lake from 2.00 pm. Weather: Partly Cloudy, Max 23, Light winds.

Sunday 07 June 2020: Eric Fisher Memorial A Class Cup at Jackadder Lake, from 9.30 am (registration). Weather: Partly Cloudy, Max 22, Slight (30%) chance of a shower, most likely during the morning. Light winds.

Given the falling numbers of A Class boats appearing regularly on the water in recent times, can A Class sailors reading this please reply to let me know if you are or aren’t coming on Sunday, so we know ahead of time if we have a fleet for the day. The club is happy to put the event on but not if it isn’t supported sufficiently.

And while I’m on the subject of replies to this email, can you reply to this email if, as a regular sailing member of PRSC, you WON’T sail in the river or attend a venue that is more than 30 more minutes away from your home than you travel now. The unreliability (read swirliness, turbulence, shiftiness, unpredictability, awfulness, etcetera) of the breezes at Jackadder lately means we need to continue our search for a better venue sailing-wise. A lake in the northern suburbs has some promise and there are stretches of Swan River shoreline under investigation right now, but there is little point announcing some test events at new venues if the membership won’t go there. So, if you’re in that category, please let us know that you’d rather just sail at Jackadder irrespective of the wind and weed conditions, and that’s what your Sailing Committee will focus on. But you need to tell us, or the search for better sailing conditions will go on.

Thanks to all the members who’ve already renewed their memberships – for those who haven’t gotten around to it yet, here’s the details again.

So, the Annual Fees are as follows:

PRSC Primary Member - $55.00

PRSC Secondary Member (Reciprocal Member) - $25.00

PRSC Non-sailing Member/Associate Member - $25.00

Cash and cheques will still be accepted (if you can nail me or Treasurer Mike down somewhere) BUT the club would much prefer if you use Electronic Funds Transfer (Direct Debit) straight into our club account.

Last note from me … even with all the easing of restrictions starting from this Friday, we still have to stay 5 ft (1.5 m) apart at all times while sailing, and everywhere else. The switch from 4 sq m to 2 sq m of space for everyone hasn’t changed the minimum distance you have to keep apart.

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