May 19, 2023

Operating license not renewed for Lake Douglas, South Perth

Lake Douglas on the South Perth foreshore has been used by PRSC for many years, both as an alternate venue to our home site of Jackadder Lake in the City of Stirling, and as a fallback for when Jackadder becomes unusable due to low water or excess weed.

The City of South Perth has decided not to renew the licence agreement with RSAWA for use of Lake Douglas beyond its current agreement that expires on 30 June 2023. Reasons given are the City is aiming to undertake future improvements to Lake Douglas including revegetation and plantings in and around the lake to optimise the environmental health of the lake and provide a safe refuge for swans, birds and other fauna; …. and it adversely impacts on the wellbeing of the birds and other fauna in the lake and surrounding land.

The search is thus renewed for an alternative venue to Jackadder which is once again exhibiting weed infestation.