May 12, 2023

Superspreader AGM!

The 2023 PRSC AGM was held at the Warren Lake Hall, Woodlands on the evening of May 9th. Attended by over 20 members, enticed there by the offer of free pizza, were inadvertently exposed to what turned out to be a superspreader event for Covid 19! It appears the Commodore, taking a leading position, went down with symptoms the day after and followed rapidly by a number of other members.

With no new nominations received for any of the committee positions, all existing members agreed to re-nominate thus all positions were filled unopposed, the only change being David King taking on the Vice Commodore position, and by default the Head of Sailing Committee, swapping places with Craig Taylor who stepped down due to work pressures. The minutes and reports can be found in the Member's Section of the website but there were only three items requiring mention - (1) the subscription fees are to be increased from $60.00 p.a. to $65.00 for regular membership (reciprocal membership remaining unchanged at $25.00), (2) the Lake Douglas, South Perth, license to operate was announced as being granted for the next year but this has subsequently been rescinded by the Executive Management of South Perth Council, (3) an agreement to trial a new system for 'over the line' starts. Instead of returning to behind the line the defaulters will now release sheets and wait until the fleet has gone past them then they may return to the race. This will involve some detailed other 'rules' which will be advised later and will only apply to non-championship club races.