Jul 30, 2020

Acts of Stupidity

Hullo Sailors,

None of us is immune from committing acts of stupidity, though I must say they do seem a lot more common on the east coast of Australia right now than here in the west. Imagine trying to get into Bunnings without a mask – what was she thinking? Or falsifying an entry form to QLD to pretend that you hadn’t been in Victoria? (Though maybe I get that a bit – right now, who wants to be in or from Victoria?)

But, so as to even it up a bit, I’ll admit my own Act of Stupidity was to go to the footy the other night. SWMBO went to great efforts, literally, to have the digital-only ticketing system spit out a ticket for me so we decided to go. The ticketing system didn’t work so we walked out the front door with a paper ticket at the last minute, got to the ground despite there being no special buses running, got to our seats just as the rain started (paper tickets worked fine (!)), had an expensive beer and chips combo, then watched the Dockerettes slip and slide all over the ground and into oblivion. Boys were sent on a man’s errand. Of course the umpiring was diabolical and shouts of “Zero One is on Starboard!” had absolutely no effect.

(Sorry, The Master’s Apprentices just told me to Turn Up Your Radio, so I had to get up.)

I actually did crack a smile, as ironic as it was, when Matt Taberner spilled a sitter over the boundary line instead of marking and shooting for goal – of course he did, it was that sort of a night. Then it rained all the way home as we bussed it home in the darkness to an angry and hungry cat.

Pharmacist (Warren Rock) to a customer: "Madam, please understand, to buy an anti-depression pill you need a proper prescription.   Simply showing your marriage certificate and husband's picture is not enough."

act1There’s lots of upcoming events to remind you of, in case you need to enter online and/or book accommodation. Champion Lakes is hosting a DF 95 Invitational this coming Sunday for Wanderers and any other DF sailors who feel like getting wet (which includes us) and entries are now open for the IOM Great Southern Buster at Albany on 29/30 August (on their new lake). Before then, the A Class State Championships will be held at Austin Lakes on Sunday 16 August and that just might be almost the last time you’ll get to see these graceful boats grace our waters, what with the postponement of the Nationals from February to (at least) October next year. Then the DF 95 State Championships are on in Albany (still on their new lake) on September 12/13, which will be a real test to see if DF sailors can actually handle it when required to travel more than 5 ks from home, sleep in a strange bed and sail two days in a row.

act2Our own events this weekend include:

Thursday 30 July 2020: IOM and DF 95 Club Racing at Jackadder Lake, from 2.00 pm. Weather: Mostly Sunny, Max 20, Light Winds.

Saturday 01 August 2020: IOM Club Championship Heat 5 at Jackadder Lake, from 2.00 pm. Weather: Partly Cloudy, Max 19, Light winds becoming southeasterly 15 to 20 km/h during the day then becoming light during the afternoon.

Sunday 02 August 2020: DF 95 Invitational from 9.30 am at Champion Lakes. Weather: Mostly Sunny, Max 19, Light Winds.

Speaking personally, I can’t wait to get to Champion Lakes on Sunday morning and see how a forecast of “Light Winds” manifests itself on the lake there – it’s the only place I haven’t sailed in recent times with that forecast so I’m hoping somehow it will be different and Light Winds means a steady light wind from one direction or another that you can rig and sail strategically to – everywhere else I’ve sailed lately Light Winds means fluffy, unpredictable zephyrs from everywhere and nowhere at the same time, with downdrafts thrown in for good measure.

Spectrum is playing I’ll Be Gone off Disc 1 off “50 Years of Australian Rock and Roll” right now and that’s what I’ll be doing on Sunday if the breeze is gone when I get there.

(Silly Musical Fact That You Need To Know) – Spectrum changed the name of the band to The Fabulous Murtceps (Spectrum spelt backwards) when they lost the rights to the name and wanted to keep playing. I think they came from Victoria, home of Silly Acts. Not actually Stupidity, but you can see it from there.

Of course you’ve noticed from the dates of our events above that tomorrow is Team 2’s last day on duty and it will be Team 3 taking over on Saturday for the month of August. Roger Paul (Captain), Roger Paul (Captain), Chris Woods, Peter Buchanan, Simon Ellis, Richard Fielder, Max Mold, Brian Knuckey, Nigel Paul, Roger Paul. J

It could be an Act of Stupidity on my part to have started to include all these cartoons, jokes and memes (the way we aficionados describe this stuff now) in the weekly email – I have absolutely no idea what device you’re using to read this junk and apologise if you’re seeing the text and images all jumbled up, displaced or not showing up at all. It left my desk very neatly formatted and sized to be read on a big screen with a font size suitable for old blokes, but I have no idea what it looks like on a smart phone or a tablet.

And speaking of, it must be time for my tablets, you know, the sanity pills that SWMBO force-feeds me. But, what the, she’s just gone off to gym and left me here without my tablets. Better sign off now before the last lot wear off.

Sorry about the mess.

Radio Birdman are playing the theme from Hawaii Five Oh – in punk rhythm. Really …


Book’im Danno


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