Jul 22, 2020

But Seriously

Hullo Sailors, 

Today’s Musical Quiz isn’t too hard – just be the first to name the artist who composed all the songs, arranged and produced the album and played the drums and most of the other instruments on most of the numbers of the LP I’m playing right now. Shouldn’t be too hard.

For an extra point, also name the guest guitarist on the last song on Side 2. You know you can.

seriouslySo today we start with a funny from my Wives v Husbands folder, though of course you have to know I’m not really like that – it’s my secret supplier of jokes, aphorisms, puns and cartoons. He’s really sick and I only feel I must publish the least biased of them to help him stay sane. You know, in these post-lockdown times, everyone’s mental health is a serious issue and we must do what we can to help those less stable than ourselves.

But seriously, my brain soother is to play loud rock music while composing the newsletter, which produces my usual totally sane, measured approach to all things radio nautical.

Did you know there is a genre of music called “yacht rock” which I particularly like because it combines two of my passions in one place. Go the Doobies and Christopher Cross …

But seriously, we have some fixtures to list for the upcoming days:

Thursday 23 July, 2020: IOM and DF 95 Club Racing at Jackadder Lake, from 2.00 pm. Weather: Early Showers, Mostly Sunny Day, Max 19, High (80%) chance of showers in the early morning. Mostly sunny afternoon. Winds westerly 20 to 30 km/h tending southwesterly 15 to 25 km/h early in the morning then becoming light in the early afternoon.

Saturday 25 July, 2020: IOM Club Handicap Championship Heat 5 at Jackadder Lake, from 2.00 pm. Weather: Possible Late Shower, Max 22, Mostly sunny day. Medium (40%) chance of showers, most likely in the evening. Winds north to northeasterly 15 to 20 km/h turning west to northwesterly 15 to 25 km/h during the afternoon.


Saturday 25 July, 2020: Club Ten Rater sailing (Marblehead priority) at Maylands, from 1.30 pm. Weather: Possible Late Shower, Max 22, Mostly sunny day. Medium (40%) chance of showers, most likely in the evening. Winds north to northeasterly 15 to 20 km/h turning west to northwesterly 15 to 25 km/h during the afternoon.


Sunday 26 July, 2020: DF 65 Shootout! from 12 noon at Austin Lakes. Weather: (Mandurah) Shower or Two, Max 20, Partly cloudy. High (70%) chance of showers, most likely during the morning. Light winds.

The Shootout isn’t a club event but I’m just letting you know in case you’ve got a DF 65 hidden away in your back pocket and want to bring it out for a run on Sunday. If you do, please enter online so they know you’re coming.

Note for those not totally awake while reading the boring bits: the IOM Handicaps on Saturday are on at JACKADDER again, not South Perth, this month. There are three reasons for this – 1. Because we wanted to make life as easy as possible for the Duty Team (since they’ve had such a hard time of it this month – not), 2. The weather forecast is for winds that are the least best at South Perth, while being sort of manageable at Jackadder and 3. The reeds are still at their full view-blocking height in the now-restricted control area.

But seriously, we are making progress to resolve the South Perth issues and would like to have it sorted by the end of next month, so it wouldn’t actually do our case any good with the Council if we go down there now in our big Wellies and Waders and Trample all over the new Native Plants. Diplomacy 101.

warmerAnd speaking of Duty Teams, it’s the last weekend of the month so it’s Duty Team 2’s last duty but one before handing over to Duty Team 3 for next Saturday. Duty Team 2, you know who you are, so no need to mention your names again, but Duty Team 3 is Roger Paul (Captain), Chris Woods, Peter Buchanan, Simon Ellis, Richard Fielder, Max Mold, Brian Knuckey, Nigel Paul.

Now back to the fun stuff:

It's not whether you win or lose, but how you place the blame.

This came to mind last weekend when I was writing up the report on the DF 95 Shootout at Austin Lakes – I was going to blame any number of factors for my failure to podium (verb), particularly that HWMBO said my leaches were too tight for the (lack of) wind. And who is HWMBO I hear you asking?

In matters of sail trim and rigging, He Who Must Be Obeyed is Warren Rock, and he was right, once I eased off the leach, things went better in the diabolically light and unforeseeable zephyrs we endured. But it was too late. In any case, the real reason was because there were three sailors there who figured it out quicker than I did. One of them was a double world champion in big boats who was new to sailing little plastic boats but that didn’t stop him. Nick Jerwood isfgv[80w3o -96 c


(Sorry, the cat just jumped on the keyboard – he was looking for the mouse. Really.)

Anyway, Nick is a pretty good sailor who seems to be picking up the nuances of DF 95s pretty quickly.

And here’s my offer of appeasement to SWMBO, who chose this joke. That’s got me a bit worried …

Hope to see you all tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday, if the bloke in black doesn’t find me before then.



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