Jul 8, 2020

Things Went Swimmingly

Hullo Sailors,

I went sailing today and things were going swimmingly (don’t you just love that -  swimmingly? WTF does that actually mean and where did I get it from?)

bragAnyway, to cut to the chase, (there’s another one) things were going fine and I was doing well on the scoresheet when tragedy struck. My winch burnt out and I had to limp home and put the boat away while I contemplated personal loans and mortgages to raise funds for a new winch.

Then it hit me – I’d forgotten I was sailing a cheap Chinese boat with one-design rules and a mandatory super-cheap winch, of which I have two in my spares box. Yea! And if I didn’t have a spare, it was going to cost me about 40 bucks, including postage, to buy one. And about 5 minutes to fit it and be back on the water. The only downside to this whole experience is that the parts warehouse is in Melbourne and I’d have to sanitise the winch when it arrived.

So thank heavens for cheap Chinese boats whose names starts with Dragon and the guys who sail them, because they are so cheap (the boats, not the guys) that they carry entire spare boats around with them, just in case, and I was able to sail one of those for the rest of the afternoon. The other advantage of sailing a borrowed cheap Chinese boat, apart from the fact that is was Donk’s boat so it was his problem,  is that it was exactly the same as mine and took no time at all to tune back up to race speed.

Of course I still love my expensive Australian boat, especially now that I’ve just resurrected it from structural oblivion, but it doesn’t give me the Cheap Thrills (Big Brother & The Holding Company, featuring Janis Joplin) that the little plastic boats offer at a fraction of the cost, and I do as well in that class of racing as I’m capable of, without thinking for one moment that I need the newest, latest design boat to do any good. They aren’t classes that will be ruined by one-upmanship and deep pockets.

Down to the details:

Thursday 09 July, 2020: IOM and DF 95 Club Racing, at Jackadder Lake from 2.00 pm. Weather: Partly Cloudy, Max 17, Light Winds.

Saturday 11 July, 2020: IOM Shootout at Maylands, from 1.30 pm. Weather: Sunny, Max 19, Light winds becoming northeasterly 15 to 20 km/h during the morning then becoming light during the day.

Sunday 12 July, 2020: IOM Perth Classic, at Jackadder Lake, from 9.30 am (registration). Weather: Possible Shower, Max 22, Partly cloudy. Medium (40%) chance of showers, most likely in the afternoon and evening. The chance of a thunderstorm near the coast in the morning and afternoon. Winds northeasterly 15 to 20 km/h tending northerly during the day then becoming light during the afternoon.

Fifteen sailors have entered the Perth Classic online so far but there’s still room for more. There won’t be battleships to contend with and the wind forecast is just acceptable for the western shore, maybe. Tides won’t be an issue though, which can’t be said for Saturday at Maylands, especially later in the day if the wind forecast is correct. It’s a whole nother skill sailing in the tide …believe

Duty Team is Team 2 - Warren Rock (Captain), Graeme Howie, Bob Paton, Mal McKercher, Brent Field, Rob Waller, Jim Congdon, Don Lamb, responsible particularly for Thursday and Sunday, and helping the Maylands boys on Saturday.


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