Jun 10, 2020

Deliberations Of A Sailing Committee

Hullo Sailors,

Your Sailing Committee took their lives in their hands for you last week and met face to face to review the Club Calendar and thrash out any required changes. I can guarantee that there was no hand shaking, no man hugs and definitely no sharing of wine glasses – we all had our own.

But, no doubt, the COVIDSafe app has recorded that four Bluetooth-enabled smart phones were in close proximity to each other, inside the Circle of Infection, for upwards of two hours and this will become important information if one of the aforesaid Sailing Committee ever sneezes or wheezes somewhere, sometime. You can’t be too careful.


After all that review, and two bottles of wine, you’ll be disappointed to know that we didn’t make many changes to the rest of this year’s calendar, just a little fine tuning in November to configure the various heats required to complete club championships here and there, given that we’ve lost a few heats over the last two months. Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same as the calendar we issued in January but, in order to prevent sailor confusion in November, herewith attached please find a copy of the revised and now official PRSC Club Calendar (July version).

Next year’s calendar is looking similar, though there are some emerging differences: we will be scheduling some DF 95 heats over the year for a club championship and there will be some cramming of ranking events for various classes into the early part of the year before we host the National Championships for Ten Raters, A Class and Marbleheads, and possibly One Metres too, meaning our January is going to be very busy, as the Nats are currently scheduled mostly to be in early Feb.

Jackadder will continue to be our club’s home lake (always subject to the state of the weed and the jellyfish) but we will continue to schedule some events at Maylands, some at Austin Lakes and some at yet to be discovered venues that need testing. Wednesday Sailors can relax though, the Wednesday venue will only change when the Wednesday Gentlemen say so. :-)

The Sailing Committee also determined that the Duty Team system should continue, with a bit of a shake-up of the teams to even them out again, since they have become a bit lop-sided in recent times as members move away or stop sailing. And the Committee decreed that the current Duty Team should be listed EACH WEEK in this epistle (say that fast three times) to avert the likelihood that Team Captains and Team Members will forget which team they’re in.

So here’s your first weekly reminder: The current Duty Team is Team 1 and it has the duty until the end of this month, June.

Team 1: Rob Mews (Captain), Justin McAullay, Bruce Robins, Allan Beer, John Smith, Mike Appelbee.
Team 2 will take over in July, after Club Handicap Racing at South Perth on Saturday 27 June, but don’t ask me yet who’s in Team 2 – I haven’t shaken it up yet!

And I offer a reminder to all team members at all times: Just because you’re named in the duty team doesn’t mean that you can’t sail that month – if you want to sail on any day in your duty month, you can, there’s always enough people around to take over your role once the tape starts.

I’m pleased to report that Perth Radio Sailing Club has retained its International Membership for the coming sailing year – Stephen (Whatta) Champion has rejoined from NZ amid the current flurry of renewals, though Singapore and The Philippines are yet to check in. Most of the rest of us have now done the right thing too so the Treasurer will soon be breathing a sigh of relief as his Budget now looks pretty safe. But we’d still like to see a few more of The Usual Suspects pay up or let us know what they’re doing, before the Public Shaming commences.



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