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San Francisco Worlds Blog

#76#SamFranksDisco#IOMWorlds2015 Just on 4 days to go before flying out. I will try to put up some of the background stuff that goes on at the champs for a bit of a home flavour to the experience. There are a couple of things that you might want to have a look at if you haven'thaven't already seen them. On the event website www.usaiomworlds.com there is a tab called "Event Info". If you want you can get emails sent to you at the completion of each race showing the up to date results. It is called a ranking report and you can subscribe by clicking on the link. There has also been a magazine produced for the event. It's a 52 page magazine, and I think there may be a small charge for it. I have also put a link on the PRSC website to the IOMs Downunder Facebook page. I will put photos up there, as it is much easier than putting them on the website.

2014 Western Australian IOM State Champs

IOM States - Austin Lakes - October 4 & 5 2014

Over the weekend of the IOM States, the weather gave us four seasons in two days. Saturday morning started out with the lake looking like a mirror. There was nothing there to push the boats along. Gradually a breeze wafted in, but it took most of the morning to decide which direction it would blow from. The sun was shining, and it really was a lovely day.

The regatta commenced with 18 of the 22 skippers showing up. Unfortunately Sean and Matt were unable to attend from interstate, but we were very pleased to welcome Andy Reid, who made the trip from Melbourne. A couple of the locals were also unable to attend, with work and health issues.

We only got two races in before PRO Moby Stuart called an early lunch for the 18 competitors. Bit by bit, the wind settled into a westerly stream, and racing continued at a brisk pace.

All boats carried their A rigs. There were a few general recalls, as skippers were starting fairly aggressively. It was difficult to nail a start, but as usual, that was the key to performing well.

IOM State Champs - skippers and officials


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2013 Perth Classic

Jackadder Lake - Sunday July 28 2013

Saturday night was a stormy, rainy night, so turning up on Sunday morning to a dead calm lake was a bit of a surprise. The water was a mirror, the sky was blue and the sun was shining – shades of a particular regatta in Melbourne not so long ago.

Before long, a light west to south-westerly breeze fluttered in and we moved to the southern car-park to try and make the best of the prevailing wind direction. By 10.30, 16 skippers had fronted and everyone was happy to sail in the ranking fleet. We were pleased to welcome Michael Cameron who had come up from Albany. Michael’s Kantun was an interesting boat to have a good look at.

Perth Classic 2013

Photo: Audrey Greeve (thanks Audrey!!)


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