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WA IOM Metro Championship and Champion Lakes Cup

The WA Metropolitan Championships and the Champion Lakes Cup were sailed today at Champion Lakes. The PRO for the day was Richard Fielder, and he was faced with light, variable winds which didn't settle until the middle of the afternoon. Nevertheless, Richard managed to lose only about 2 hours of sailing time, despite the lack of co-operation of the wind.

There were 13 skippers in the championship ranking field and another 4 in the Champion Lakes Cup. At the end of the day, we managed to get in 12 races.

Racing was scheduled to commence at 10.30, but we didn't get into the action until about 11.00. We started in a north westerly breeze of only 3 or 4 knots. The shifts meant that it was possible to get caught in the wrong spot and watch the fleet sail right passed. There were only two races prior to an early lunch.















The wind gradually shifted through the west and eventually made its way around to the west and slightly south of west - still pretty much offshore.Once the wind settled, it was blowing about 5 to 6 knots. Over the course of the regatta, there were 4 heat winners, with Roger, Rosco, Sean and Glenn taking turns to lead the pack. Sean and Glenn took out 4 race wins, whilst Roger and Rosco took out 2 each.

The final result was determined by consistency. Glenn managed to finish no lower than 6th and generally finished in the top 3. Sean had a couple of eigths, whilst Rosco and Roger had a couple of poorer races over the course of the day.

The short first leg to the top mark made starting really important. It was a balance between starting at the preferred end of the line, and having freedom to tack to the mark when you wanted to. If you got it right, you could round in good shape, but those who had freedom to tack when they wanted were often in front.

In the Cup fleet, Fred Webber and Moby Stuart were having a good tussle for the early part of the regatta, but Fred had to leave earlier. Dave Bedford and John Smith had their moments, but in the end, Moby Stuart took out the chocolates.

When is too much pink enough?























Many thanks to Richard Fielder and Andree Bennett for volunteering to run the regatta. Congratulations to the skippers for sailing in a very fair and considerate manner, especially with taking penalties for any boat or mark contacts.


Metro Championships:

1    Glenn Dawson       V9    20
2    Sean Wallis           TNT   31
3    Roger Paul             V8     43
4    Ross Bennett         V9     50
5    Ian Sherriff               V9     55
6    Rob Mews               V8     57
7    Justin McAullay    Britpop  60
8    Peter Buchanan    V9       62
9   Lloyd Coles        Obsession  62
10  Graeme Howie   Cheinz    68
11 Ray Bassett         Mojo      79
12  John Merchant  Britpop  112
13 Mat Donelly     Chase     114

Champion Lakes Cup

1   Alan Stuart     TNT    
2   Dave Bedford   Britpop
3   John Smith      Panko
4   Fred Webber  Magnum


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