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Rob Mews takes out the WA A Class State Championship

The Western Australian A Class State Championships were sailed on Jackadder Lake on Sunday 23 August. The day was sunny but quite brisk all day. The morning chill gave way to a pleasant middle part of the day, but as soon as the sun started to fall, the chill returned.

As far as the wind was concerned, the morning started out with a north-easterly breeze which blew in at about 8 knots. Typical of an easterly on Jackadder Lake, the direction didn't stay still for long. There were plenty of shifts to make PRO Justin McAullay's job more interesting. Fortunately, racing got underway fairly close to time.

2015 A Class States















The fleet in this year's championship numbered 9 boats. There were a couple of the regulars away, either through travels or illness. Mark Shepherd launched his re-vamped Sidewinder which had a few new ideas on board. Mark has gone for a radial jib fitting as well as trialling some sails from GTec in Queensland. The cloth on these sails looks really nice indeed.

Rob Mews and Rosco Bennett made cameo appearances in the A Class for this year's championships. Rob had borrowed Richard Fielder's Venom whilst Rosco had Glenn's Sword under his control.

Early in the day, Mark experienced a number of teething problems with the setup, but worked hard to keep the boat on the water all day. His speed at times was impressive. Unfortunately for Roger, he managed to experience electrical issues which even the good Captain Blackwire was unable to rectify.

Attention to detail is one particularly important factor in succeeding in yacht racing. Small details such as how many laps to sail can be the difference between finishing in a really good position and a not so good position. Rosco found out the hard way, when leading one race just after lunch, miscalculated the number of laps and turned around for an extra one.

Early in the afternoon, the wind deserted us, and we were left looking at a millpond. Fortunately though, the breeze did decide to co-operate and blew back in from the south-west. The wind was a nice 5 knots, and much more steady than  the easterly. Racing continued until 4.30pm at which time there had been 14 races completed.

The final point score was going to be close. Congratulations went to Rob "Captain Blackwire" Mews who broke through for his first State Championship win. Rosco Bennett was just one point behind Rob and rounding out the podium was Denton Roberts. Denton got his boat going better as the day progressed and was certainly chasing hard.

There are a few photos at the following link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/perthradiosailing/albums

Final results:


1 Robert Mews 89 Champion Lakes Venom   28.0
2 Ross Bennett 76 Harrington Waters Sword   29.0
3 Denton Roberts 91 Perth Radio Sword   38.0
4 Ian Sherriff 28 Champion Lakes Venom   48.0
5 Mark Shepard 72 Perth Radio Sidewinder   50.0
6 Hub Bell 71 Perth Radio A1   55.0
7 Roger Paul 86 Perth Radio Venom   66.0
8 Richard Fielder 81 Perth Radio A1   85.0
9 Len White 30 Perth Radio HiHo   107.0
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