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San Francisco Worlds Blog

#76#SamFranksDisco#IOMWorlds2015 Just on 4 days to go before flying out. I will try to put up some of the background stuff that goes on at the champs for a bit of a home flavour to the experience. There are a couple of things that you might want to have a look at if you haven'thaven't already seen them. On the event website www.usaiomworlds.com there is a tab called "Event Info". If you want you can get emails sent to you at the completion of each race showing the up to date results. It is called a ranking report and you can subscribe by clicking on the link. There has also been a magazine produced for the event. It's a 52 page magazine, and I think there may be a small charge for it. I have also put a link on the PRSC website to the IOMs Downunder Facebook page. I will put photos up there, as it is much easier than putting them on the website.
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