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2014 Western Australian IOM State Champs

IOM States - Austin Lakes - October 4 & 5 2014

Over the weekend of the IOM States, the weather gave us four seasons in two days. Saturday morning started out with the lake looking like a mirror. There was nothing there to push the boats along. Gradually a breeze wafted in, but it took most of the morning to decide which direction it would blow from. The sun was shining, and it really was a lovely day.

The regatta commenced with 18 of the 22 skippers showing up. Unfortunately Sean and Matt were unable to attend from interstate, but we were very pleased to welcome Andy Reid, who made the trip from Melbourne. A couple of the locals were also unable to attend, with work and health issues.

We only got two races in before PRO Moby Stuart called an early lunch for the 18 competitors. Bit by bit, the wind settled into a westerly stream, and racing continued at a brisk pace.

All boats carried their A rigs. There were a few general recalls, as skippers were starting fairly aggressively. It was difficult to nail a start, but as usual, that was the key to performing well.

IOM State Champs - skippers and officials


By the end of the day, we had completed 18 races, with the top three skippers clearing out. Glenn Dawson led the pack, with a small margin from Andy Reid and Roger Paul.

After sailing, we retired to the Sportsmen’s Club for a quiet drink, before meeting later at the Riv Tavern for a terrific meal. Plenty of laughs and stories were told, before we wandered back to the resort for the night. The forecast for the next day was pretty ominous!


Waking up on Sunday morning, we initially thought that the forecast had it all wrong. The sun was shining and the breeze was gentle. It was early though! As soon as we started rigging, the front hit and we got absolutely drenched! Roger was out in the boat at the time, and there was almost as much water in the boat as there was in the lake!

Everyone rigged with their B rigs, and racing got underway pretty much on time. Rosco and Graeme were closing in on Roger for third place, whilst Glenn and Andy cleared out. The wind continued to build until there was a call for a rig change down to C rigs.

After lunch, racing continued at a solid pace. For a while, everyone had their C rigs up, and the sailing was fast and furious. Fortunately, Ian Holt came down and took several videos of several races in the afternoon. The videos can be seen here:



Andy Reid was handling the conditions very well and making a charge at the lead. Graham and Rosco continued to pursue Roger, and the battle for the third podium place was on in earnest.

By the end of the afternoon, Moby had cracked HMS, as it can only handle 41 races. He managed to get us to the end of the 41st race with ten minutes to go! Many thanks go to all our generous volunteers; Ray Forsyth for scoring and bringing the boat, Andree Bennett for managing the finishes, Rod Moss, Chris Aberle and Bob Paton for their help over the weekend and Ray Bassett for picking up and transporting the porta-loo.

The final scores were an indication of the evenness of the fleet, with no skipper scoring under 100 points for the weekend. Consistency and minimizing errors continues to be the key, as there are plenty of skippers capable of taking out heat wins in the fleet now. Racing was hard but fair, and all skippers took care of incidents on the water.

Final places saw Glenn taking out the chocolates from Andy. Rosco edged out Graham for third and Roger ended up in fifth. Rob Murdoch took out the Classic fleet for non-chined boats in a welcome return to radio sailing.

As we were packing up, another front crashed in, and we all got drenched again. We made our way back the Sportsmen’s club again for the presentations, and everyone went home tired but happy. It was really good to have this hit out in the lead-up to the Nationals.

Worth mentioning:

  • Captain Blackwire Mews made it through the whole weekend with no electrical issues!
  • Andy had a good weekend and seemed to be enjoying himself.
  • Rosco made an appearance in between travelling around the eastern states playing “Where’s Wally”
  • Moby took out the “Old Tosser” award for the weekend, looking resplendent in his “Angry Bird” hat.
  • We had a practice run placing results and photos on the RSAWA Team App, allowing anyone to follow the regatta in real time.
  • Facebook got a workout, with plenty of posts for anyone who wanted to follow the action.

All in all – a good weekend

The Spy

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