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Practice all done, now for the real thing

Practice and preparation all done, now for the real thing. The seeding races start tomorrow morning. The lake is weed free!!!! We watched the boat come around and drop the blue dye into the water to keep it that way.

The water conditions are really choppy, withbig backwash off the lake wall. We have had good winds, normally a bit light in the morning building to a B rig in the afternoon. With the wind comes the slop. Most skippers are struggling with the slop, but we are hoping that the course gets taken around the far side of the lake, where it is much better.

The Aussies are goimg ok. Craig has had more thsn his fair share of trouble, with a big crack in his keel, a transmitter which was damaged and a B rig mainsail creased. Kirwan is going fast, having had Brad help set the boat up. Lindsay and Allan Walker are going ok too. I'm happy enough and looking forward to actually being able to race.

Seeding fleets look damn tough. Pity the guys in A fleet with 3 world champions in it! I have been putting a daily blog on IOMs Downunder facebook page. There is a link on the home page of our website, so hopefully you can see them even if you dont do facebook. Its much easier to put photos on there.

Time for rest. Big day tomorrow.

cheers #76

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