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IOM Classification System for WA events

There have been a number of hull design changes in IOM class boats in recent years which have given more modern hulls a perceived performance advantage over older boats. As a result, some skippers may decide to avoid participating in regattas as they believe they will have no chance of performing well.

Consequently, it has been felt that RSAWA should provide an environment where older design boats are able to compete with other “like” designed boats. The purpose of these guidelines is to attempt to encourage participation of all skippers in interclub regattas.

These guidelines will apply to Interclub, Invitational and Ranking regattas held in Western Australia.

  1. In general, hulls which are the more modern designs will only be able to compete in the “Open” category at regattas. Older design hulls will be eligible to compete in the “Classic” section.
  2. Skippers with boats which are designated as “Classic” may opt to compete in the “Open” category. Skippers who sail modern design boats may apply to sail in the “Classic” fleet, but there will need to be special circumstances for this to be permitted.
  3. In the event that there are sufficient entries in the “Classic” category, the fleets may be sailed separately. However, in most regattas, the fleets will sail together and the results of the “Classic” category will be drawn from the final result sheet.
  4. Should a “Classic” hull finish a regatta with a podium finish (ie 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall), then that boat will not be eligible to receive a trophy for the “Classic” fleet. The next best “Classic” boat will receive the trophy.
  5. At State Championships, the usual Heat Management System will apply.
  6. Allocation of hull designs to the “Open” fleet will be made by the RSAWA Committee, and reviewed regularly.

What is an “Open” hull design?

At this stage, RSAWA will allocate the following hull designs as being eligible to sail in the “Open” fleet only:





Kantun and Kantun S

Goth, MX14 and similar

Lintel and Lintel MMX


At this time, these hulls are allocated in this category, as they are cheined hulls. The list is not exhaustive and new boats which have similar design characteristics may be added to the list at any time.

In addition, should a particular skipper win two or three “Classic” fleets at consecutive regattas, that skipper may be asked to compete with the “open” fleet.

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