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Team WA tilt at the Nationals is gathering momentum

Only a couple of days to go until Team WA makes it's first tilt at the Nationals for 2016. The Championships will be sailed in Adelaide, and Perth Radio Sailing Club will be well represented.

The first challenge is to transport all the boats safely. A covered trailer has been booked, and a small convoy, consisting of Rosco Bennett and Roger Paul in "Daisy" and Glenn Dawson and Denton Roberts in "Sundowner" will tackle the mind numbing hours in between Perth and Adelaide.

The Team WA assult on the Nats starts on Feb 8 with the A Class championships. No fewer than 5 WA boats have entered, making up the majority of the fleet. Jeff Green, Denton Roberts, Mark Shepherd, Roger Paul and Glenn Dawson will take on the rest. We are hoping to a cracker start to the regatta. The first series will be sailed at West Lakes.

After two days of A Class racing, the Ten Rater Class hits the water at a different venue - Harts Mill. The Tens fleet comprises Rosco, Roger, Denton, Jeff and Glenn. We will be joined by Chris Woods, Graeme Howie and Team Captain - Captain Blackwire himself - Rob Mews. WA will have 8 of the 19 boats entered - another fantastic effort.

The Tens will race for three days, and then we will have a few days R&R whilst the Marblehead class battle it out. After a couple of days practice, and 5 days of racing, the break will be well earned.

Renewed and refreshed, Team WA will be further bolstered by the arrival of the "C-team" - One Meter skippers, Mat Donelly, John Merchant and that perennial regatta pest, Sean Wallis. The fact that these 3 reprobates have been allocated a chalet together says something about their nocturnal habits, which could include a froffy or three. Any skipper from other States who is showing good form on the water will be targeted by the "C-team" for a night on the pi$$!

As a result of the team approach from WA, our numbers are the best from any State. Our performances are aimed at replicating that effort, and bringing the bling back to where it belongs.

For progress reports, results and information, there is a Nationals Facebook page called 2016 ARYA Australian National Championships - Adelaide, SA which will have stories of our exploits. Also, you will probably find a fair bit on the IOMs Downunder facebook page - there is a link on the front menu of the PRSC website for those who don't have facebook.

There also is an event website, but you will find that the facebook stuff goes up quicker. The URL is http://www.thepat.saradioyachting.org.au/Content/2016_ARYA_Nationals.html

Cheers - and wish us good windshifts!


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