Rosco Bennett wins the 2015 WA Ten Rater State Championships

Created on Sunday, 18 October 2015 20:58
Written by Glenn Dawson
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The Western Australian Ten Rater State Championships were held today at Champion Lakes. Eleven skippers fronted the PRO for the day, Sean Wallis. There were six Diamonds, two Blades, a Prizm, a NRW and an Aero 3 in the fleet.

On a day when the wind fluctuated from the south-west to the north-west, most of the skippers had either their B rig or their B+ rigs on at the beginning. Pretty soon everyone changed to their A rigs and the racing was fast. Sean set good long courses which kept skippers on their feet. Judging the marks at the bottom end of the course was not easy, and there were quite a few skippers turn short of the mark.

Unfortunately, there was some weed in the water which affected most skippers at one stage or another. By lunch, Rosco and Rob Mews had a slender lead from Jeff Green and Glenn Dawson. Mat Donelly was right on the money as well. In the middle of the day, the wind shifted more towards the west and gradually towards the north-west.

Many thanks to Sean, Andree Bennett, Rod Moss, Roger Paul, Dave Bedford and Ian Ritchie who volunteered their time to run the regatta so that we could all sail.

Over the course of the day, there were 6 skippers who managed heat wins. Most of the fleet made it to the end of the day, with only one boat withdrawing from the fleet. Andrew Crocker perservered with his wing sail, and there were times when he was travelling well. Justin McAullay had a few moments where he pushed the leaders, showing good downwind speed.

Rosco and Jeff were the most consistent, minimizing their mistakes and keeping out of trouble. Glenn managed to made more mistakes than usual with judgement, locking up with the marks on a few too many occasions.

The final results:

1st    Rosco Bennett     48pts    Diamond     5 heat wins
2nd   Jeff Green             49pts    Diamond     1 heat win
3rd    Glenn Dawson    54pts     Diamond     7 heat wins
4th    Mat Donelly           57.6pts  Diamond     3 heat wins
5th   Rob Mews             75pts      NRW             2 heat wins
6th   Chris Woods         76pts    Diamond
7th   Ian Holt                    87pts    Aero 3           1 heat win
8th   Ian Sherriff             96pts      Prizm
9th    Justin McAullay    107pts    Blade
10th  Denton Roberts    122pts  Diamond
11th  Andrew Crocker    165pts