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Peel District Championships

Saturday 29th September - the Peel District Ranking Regatta was held at Harrington Waters. The forecast did not look good at all. The promise of rain, storms, hail and other inclement weather was not especially inviting. Nevertheless, 14 hardy souls ventured to Safety Bay for the event.

We were especially fortunate that there were only a couple of rain showers all day, and clearly the weather bureau had overestimated the threat - luckily! Winds were from the north, noth-east. we started out with A rigs, but rapidly dived for the rig boxes after the first heat, when a number of rudders were seen waggling in the air on the runs.

After that, all skippers remained with their B rig until lunch, by which time PRO Kelvin Uren had 8 races completed. The early leaders were Glenn Dawson and Roger Paul, with Roger holding a several points lead. Rob Mews was sailing pretty well, and was leading the chasing pack, along with Andrew Brady and Chris Holland.



















Photos by Mark Shepherd.


After lunch, a few showers came through and the wind shifted into the west. This required Kelvin to shift the course into the other arm of the lake. The wind was more shifty and a bit less even as it blew around some of the houses at the side of the lake. In the afternoon, Roger stamped his authority on the event, knocking ot heat win after heat win. By the conclusion of the day, we had sailed 16 races and Roger tallied up 12 heat wins, three seconds and a fourth. He demonstrated terrific consistency and really good boat speed. In a number of heats, Rog sailed from mid-fleet into the lead after average starts.

The regatta was a "V-fest" with 7 of the fleet being either a V8 or V9 hull. The "V's" filled 4 of the top 5 places at the completion of the regatta. Glenn Dawson filled second position and Rob Mews completed the podium.

Thanks go to the organizers at West Coast Radio Yacht Club. In particular, Kelvin did a good job setting courses and keeping the day moving at a good pace. Ray Forsyth again looked after the scoring, which is just a fantastic contribution to radio sailing in WA. Peter Holland and Ross Bennett helped with Observer duties. Thanks to all the guys who volunteered.

Final results:

Roger Paul          V8                14
Glenn Dawson   V9                 26
Rob Mews           V8                 57
Chris Holland  Fraktal 2         64
Andrew Brady      V8                66.4
Peter Buchanan  V9                81
Ian Sherriff           V9                 85
Mat Donelly       Chase            86
Justin McAullay Britpop          88
Sean Wallis         TNT             89
Mark Shepherd    V8               120
John Bramah       Robot         135
Andrew Crocker    Goth          174
Ray Bassett           Mojo          195


Top mark rounding

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