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Hub Bell takes out the 2014 A Class State Championships

The A Class State Championships were held at Jackadder Lake today. The wind never came in over 10 knots all day, tending to mainly be in the 0-5 knot range, and swinging from N to SW at various times of the day. That tested PRO Bruce Robbins.

The fleet was small in size, with a few regulars not able to compete. Hub Bell borrowed Glenn Dawson’s Sword, and lead the fleet all day, except for a short period in the middle of the day when Rob Mews strung a few wins together in his borrowed Venom.

Early in the day, Denton was firing and held down second position. Justin was having an ordinary day while National Champion Graeme Howie was back in fifth and not making any progress up the ladder.

During the lunch break, the wind steadied a little from the west and the course was shifted to the other side of the lake. The rest of the day saw better racing on a windward leeward course. This was when Mewsey took the lead, and Graeme started to slowly, very slowly, edge his way up the ladder.


A Class Championships 2014



Mid afternoon, Hub retook the lead with a run of three wins and he kept a healthy buffer for the rest of the day. Graeme was still inching his way up the scoreboard, and it wasn’t until the final race had been completed that he took over second position from Mewsey. Justin showed flashes of what he is capable of, but I think he would be the first to say that he wasn’t really on his game. Rob Mews sailed a very good regatta. Very consistently picking the correct side of the course and deserved his good placing. Len White enjoyed his first A Class regatta and Mossy had a few problems that finally ended his sailing a few races early.

The regatta was sailed in excellent spirits and PRO Bruce congratulated everyone involved. He was very happy that skippers were doing their turns even when not called and that spirit lasted all day.

Sean Wallis took some video and still of the racing which should be available soon.

Well done everyone involved.


A Class start


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