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Annual General Meeting 2013

The Annual General Meeting of Perth Radio Sailing Club was held at the Perth Horse and Pony club in Herdsman on Wednesday 15 May. Commodore Rodney Moss welcomed 21 members and our guest Ines Cole.

Most members came along to enjoy a Pizza dinner and bought a few beers. There were lots of stories, and good conversation prior to the meeting. Luckily for us, Ines had made a few sponge cakes, so we were all well fed and watered by the time the meeting started.

Highlights of the meeting included Rod's final Commodore's Report, in which he talked about the club's activities. Topics covered included a report on the various sailing venues, our involvement with the guys in Albany, the Albany trip, our members who travelled to Queensland for the National Championships. Rod formally congratulated Graeme Howie for taking out the National A Class Championship.


Rod went on to thank the outgoing Committee for their work over the previous two years. Rod is unavailable to continue in the role this year, and stood down. The Club moved a vote of thanks to Rod, for a job very well done.

Secretary Glenn reported that membership for 2013 had increased to 58 members (up from 51) and spoke about the changes to the club's website. He went on to talk about the future of the club, both at a local level as well as our involvement with the National Championships in WA in eighteen months time.

Treasurer Hub presented the financial report for the year, showing that the Club had a small operating loss over the previous twelve months. This was mostly associated with a couple of "one-off" expenses which are unlikely to occur again in the near future. As a result, hub's recommendation was that Club Fees remain unchanged for 2013/14.

Elections for Office Bearers were held, and we are pleased to announce that Denton Roberts will take over the position of Commodore, Allan Beer will be the new Vice-Commodore, Glenn Dawson, Hub Bell and Roger Paul remain in their positions of Secretary, Treasurer and Measurer respectively.

General Business items included discussions about the Annual Presentation, which was set for Sunday December 1. An informal BBQ lunch at the Pony Club was the preferred function. There were various other items bought up which the incoming Committee will progress.

The Eric Fisher Clubman of the Year trophy was awarded to Glenn Dawson.

The "Blackwire RS Essentials Regatta Pack" was presented to Captain Blackwire himself. This pack contains all the vital gear that anyone travelling to a radio controlled regatta could possibly need. (Fire Extinguisher included). [Footnote: Mat Donelly had need of the pack the very next day at the lake!!!!]

As far as Annual General Meetings are concerned, ours was a friendly affair with good fellowship and plenty of fun. The night is far from the normal dry, boring AGM's most of us are used to! A copy of the Minutes and Officer Reports will be posted in the member's section of this website shortly.


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