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Peter Greeve wins the Eric Fisher Clubman of the Year Award

At the Annual General Meeting of the club each year, the members vote for the person who they believe has made the best contribution to the club over the previous 12 months. It is a prestegious award, which recognizes the winners contribution to the Perth Radio Sailing Club.

This year, the club was saddened to learn of the passing of Eric, who had been a member since the 1970s. Eric made many terrific contributions over the years.

Peter's win was a very well deserved one. He has offered the club the use of his home over the past fewe years for the annual Christmas get-together, as well as housing the club dinghy, looking after the equipment and generally being the first to ut his hand up to help. Peter was especially humble when accepting the award, but the club members applauded the decision.

Well done Peter.


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