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Michael Bell Memorial Regatta 2015

The second annual Michael Bell Memorial regatta was held at Jackadder Lake on Saturday September 12th. There were eleven Ten Raters present, as well as a small fleet of IOMs.

The afternoon was forecast to have some thunderstorms, small hail and inclement weather, but fortunately the showers mostly stayed away. Hub Bell acted as PRO for the afternoon and had the sailing underway soon after one pm.

Len tried his best to sabotage the afternoon! For a joke, he unlocked the rescue boat and left it near the water's edge. The plan was to tell Glenn that the boat had remained unlocked since Thursday. Unfortunately for Len, the gusty wind took hold of the boat, and pretty soon it was surfing across Jackadder Lake towards the island on the other side! Red faced, Lenny took off with a makeshift fishing pole to attempt to retrieve the boat from the place it got stuck, and eventually managed to pry it loose. Plenty of laughs about that little escapade!

Back to the sailing, and all the Tens had their B rigs up. The breeze was westerly at about 12 to 15 knots and the boats were moving pretty fast. Early in the afternoon, John Goor had his Aero flying. He had a first and second on the board right out of the blocks. Soon, Glenn got Mat Donelly's Diamond on the pace, and proceeded to rattle off some race victories. After a while, Glenn had control of the point score and was able to sail conservatively.

Hub Bell with the Michael Bell Trophy



Rob Mews had a slow start, and then fizzled out all together, with some mystery boat ailment. Rosco Bennett gradually got his boat tweaked up, and sailed himself up into his usual bridesmaid position, just pipping John Goor into third.

Denton continues to improve and gradually is giving the leaders some curry. His boats are always really well prepared and he never seems to have any problems with reliability.

Both Chris Woods and Jeff Green managed heat wins at one point or another, showing the depth which is building within the fleet.

Results of the afternoon:

1 Glenn Dawson 99 PRSC Diamond   13.0
2 Ross Bennett 39 HWSC Diamond   28.0
3 John Goor 27 PRSC Aero 2   35.0
4 Chris Woods 84 PRSC Diamond   38.0
5 Jeff Green 95 PRSC Diamond   40.0
6 Denton Roberts 85 PRSC Diamond   49.0
7 Alan Beer 48 PRSC Blade   65.0
8 Phil Brown 90 PRSC Phenix 3   93.0
9 Len White 40 PRSC Phenix 3   100.0
10 Robert Mews 92 CLSC NRW   105.0
11 Andrew Crocker 8 PRSC Wing   115.0
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