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2017 Ray Tilbrook Memorial Regatta

2017 Ray Tilbrook Memorial Regatta.

Perth Radio Sailing Club hold the Ray Tilbrook Memorial regatta annually, remembering Ray who was one of our long time members. Always a gentleman, always a terrific competitor and someone the club misses greatly.

This year, the event was moved from Jackadder lake as the water level and weed made sailing Ten Raters problematic. We moved over to Maylands Yacht Club, and were rewarded with some terrific sailing conditions.

Saturday 7 October was an overcast cool day, with a few rain showers passing by. The breeze started out fairly light from the south or south-east. It dropped away in the last morning, but built gradually as the afternoon progressed. Everyone had A rigs on until the last 4 races, when a rig change to B rigs was needed.


This year, unfortunately, a number of our regulars were either away on holiday or unavailable for various reasons. A small, but quality fleet of 6 boats met Race Officer Hub Bell, who got racing underway.

There were a few problems with the outboard in the morning, but fortunately, the buoys which had been placed were in the right place for a decent course. At lunchtime, Denton managed to rectify the outboard, which was lucky, as the course needed to be shifted after the break.

Early in the day, Glenn Dawson took off to win the first 5 races and it looked as though the regatta was in the bag. However, Roger Paul soon got going, as did Graeme Howie, so Glenn did not have it all his own way. Jeff Green started to find his speed and was also sailing consistently.

Denton Roberts sailed really well, although the score doesn’t really reflect it. Denton had some terrific speed and his boat was moving really well. Simon Ellis struggled a bit, but persevered throughout the day.

Consistency as always is the key, and whilst Roger was logging up some heat wins, Glenn was never too far behind. So at the end of the day, Glenn took out the regatta, from Roger and Jeff.

We all thanked Hub for officiating and scoring. The skippers were so well behaved, as everyone took their penalties, even if the only person who saw a contact was the skipper himself.

The State champs are programmed for next weekend, and the day at Maylands was a really good hit out in practice for that event.


1 G. Dawson 76 PRSC Sanga   17.0
2 R. Paul 86 PRSC Diamond   26.0
3 J. Green 95 PRSC Diamond   36.0
4 G. Howie 30 PRSC Aero   39.0
5 D. Roberts 65 PRSC Diamond   51.0
6 S. Ellis 26 PRSC Blade   78.0
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