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Eric Fisher A Class Memorial Trophy 2017

Saturday 10 June 2017 was the day for this year's Eric Fisher Memorial Regatta. It was a brisk morning, but the sun was shining and the wind was blowing gently from the north east.

9 A Class yachts turned up for the day's sailing. We welcomed Simon Ellis who competed his first A Class regatta sailing the ex-Allan Beer / Ray Bassett Venom. It was expected that the light winds would play into the hands of the Venoms and the Wombat.

Race Officer Warren Rock had us on the water soon after 10.00am. Straight out of the blocks, Glenn Dawson showed a clean pair of heels to the fleet and notched up a few race winds. Before long however, the Wombat started rolling along putting up a solid challenge to the Sword.

Eric Fisher 2017



 Hub Bell's A1 also showed glimpses of former glory with some great speed upwind. The A1 needs a bit of breeze to make her competitive with the larger sail areas of the Venoms and Swords, but the wind didn't co-operate today, only reaching 5 knots or so.

Around lunchtime, the IOM guys turned up to sail. The fleet of 11 boats started their races in between the A Class heats. It was TNT weather and both Edgar Vitte and Craig Taylor had some good results. Racing was tight, and a number of general recalls were had. The wind was gradually fading as the afternoon wore on, so the IOMs didn't get to sail as much as usual, allowing the A's to continue.

Back in the A Class event, the scores were tied with two races to go. Glenn and Graham were locked together and a match race ensued. Glenn managed to get his nose in front and the two A's were covering one another all round the course. At the end of the day, Glenn held off Graham by two points. Jeff Green rounded out the podium, followed by Denton Roberts.

Full results to follow.

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