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2017 Diggers Cup

Yesterday we ran our traditional event, the Diggers’ Cup, for IOMs when we swap boats around amongst the skippers. No doubt there will be a full report on the website when the webmaster gets a moment but I’m happy to reveal that the day went well and a worthy winner was rewarded with the right to engrave his name on the Cup (a pewter mug) and bring it back next year. The second-placegetter will receive the Diggers’ Plate to keep for a year when Rod Moss remembers where he put it and brings it back and hands it over.

Due to a ruling that, after the first heat, boats were NOT to be retuned before being passed on to the next skipper in line, we saved massive amounts of time and were able to rip through 16 heats in the course of the afternoon. (Note for future PROs – don’t let the bastards hold you up with incessant and unnecessary retuning of boats.) And this included the time it took to bring all the boats ashore after every race and line them up with their new skippers. So, the result was a fair outcome for the regatta, with all the good and bad luck ironed out over the course of the afternoon.

Our thanks go to Hub Bell for scoring the day and to Bob Paton for PROing 16 races (16 more than he expected when he came down to watch). Thanks Hub and Bob – great job running what was a well-behaved and fun day.

Ist Placed Sailor – Glenn Dawson on 19 pts

2nd Place Sailor – Rob Mews on 25 pts

3rd Placed Sailor – Roger Paul on 38 pts

4th Placed Sailor – Rod Moss on 49 pts

There was much talk around the beer circle about which was the ‘Best Boat’ on the day and informal chat indicated a slight preference amongst the skippers for my boat (Special Chienz No. 1) over Roger Paul’s AKA No. 86, but the adding up of the points earned by each boat for the places they came in each heat indicated the following:

1st Placed Boat – No. 13 (Jeff Green’s V8)

2nd Placed Boat – No. 1 (Bruce Robins’ Special Chienz)

3rd Placed Boat – No. 93 (Graeme Howie’s Chienz)

4th Placed Boat – No. 86 (Roger Paul’s AKA)

(Hee hee – the best a BritPop! could do was 6th!)

And this result held true whether you counted the drops or not. So an unobtrusive boat quietly went about its task of handling a massive variety of more or less ham-fisted inputs from a range of skippers and came out on top. And the top three boats were ‘old’ designs too. Lots of food for thought there, especially when you see that the boat placings and the sailor spacings don’t line up very well. (I’ll say no more, other than to reveal that yours truly came last on the skippers’ standings.)

I blame my new/old eyes.

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