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2017 Bink Frayne A Class Memorial Regatta

The 2017 Bink Frayne Memorial Regatta was held at Jackadder Lake on Saturday March 12. The winds were from the east and 8 boats entered for the day. In the morning, the gusts were fairly strong, and most boats had their B rigs up. Our Race Officer for the day was John Goor, assisted by Rob Mews with Lloyd Coles in the boat.



The Race Team had us on the water and racing by 10.00am. The courses were windward / leeward comprising 3 laps. As the morning unfolded, the winds gradually reduced, so skippers made the change to an A jib, and some went all the way with their A mainsail as well.

The lunch, the IOM fleet came along and joined in the day. We held a couple of races for the IOMs and then a couple for the A Class. By the end of the day, we had completed about 21 races for the A Class, and 10 for the IOMs.

The results for the day again showed that consistency is the key. Glenn Dawson maintained regular results in the top three, whilst Roger Paul, Graeme Howie, Jeff Green and Denton Roberts took turns at winning races. The lack of high points results in Glenn's scoreline made the difference, as he took the day with a 10 point gap to Graeme Howie and a few more to Jeff Green.

We would all like to thank John, Rob and Llloyd for volunteering to run the day - they did a great job with the course and managing the whole day. Thanks also to Simon Ellis for taking a number of photos which are now on the PRSC Flikr page. You can view the photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/perthradiosailing/albums

The final results for the day were:

1   Glenn Dawson    Sword       27 pts
2  Graeme Howie    Wombat    37 pts
3   Jeff Green             Sword       45 pts
4   Roger Paul          Venom       54 pts
5  Denton Roberts  Sword        67 pts
6  Hub Bell                  A1            78 pts
7  Rodney Moss    Trolleyjack  80 pts
8  Richard Fielder   Venom      90 pts




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