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Ray Tilbrook Memorial Regatta 2016

2016 Ray Tilbrook Memorial Regatta.

Perth Radio Sailing Club Jackadder Lake Woodlands 8 October 2016

This annual regatta is a memorial for one of the great blokes of radio sailing – Ray Tilbrook. Ray was a stalwart of the Perth Radio Sailing Club as well as radio sailing in Western Australia. He was responsible for bringing in the Jellybaby and Phase 2 Tern Raters as well as the Spider and Scorpion Marblehead yachts. Ray also provided a terrific service, stocking Pekabe fittings for all the WA guys.

Ray was also responsible for introducing us all to the incredible Janusz Walicki – and his magnificent boats. Ray bought the first Skalpel Marblehead into Australia. Apart from that, Ray was a fierce, but incredibly fair competitor. He loved to race hard – left over from his motorbike racing days – but was one of the fairest competitors you could wish to race against. If you beat Ray, you had worked for it and deserved the victory, because Ray wasn’t going to give an inch. His mantra was – if it is slow, chrome it – at least it looks good.

We remember Ray each year with this important Ten Rater and IOM regatta.

This year, the racing was just as Ray would have liked it – hard and fast. Six of the best Diamonds turned up for the day, and it was on from race one. Early in the day, Sean Wallis took off and notched up some good heat wins. Jeff Green, Rosco Bennett and Roger Paul took turns to follow Sean home.

The wind was out of the WNW, so the sailing was moved over to the southern side of the lake, so that the course ran basically parallel to the shore line. We used the full length of the lake, making for long beats and runs. There were plenty of shifts in the wind, but that is typical for Jackadder Lake in a westerly.

By lunch, the leader board had Sean ahead and only a couple of points separating Roger and Rosco. Jeff Green was still right in the mix.

After a break for lunch, Rosco changed to his B+ rig showing a new turn of speed. He managed a couple of heat wins to close the gap. Sean and Chris Woods followed Rosco into the B+ rigs, but unfortunately for them, the wind lightened off and those with the A rigs had the advantage. Roger in particular took the bull by the horns, sailing really well with his A rig, and making a late surge up the point score.

Denton Roberts had a number of really good races in which he challenged the leaders. His sailing improved as the day progressed, with a few results just slipping away in the last few meters before the finish line. He was the big improver on the day. His boat speed was really good, and a few little tweaks to some aspects of his racing, his performance will continue to improve.

Thanks for the day go to Glenn Dawson and Bruce Robins for running the racing and to Hub Bell for scoring the regatta. Bob Paton also came along to assist with the running of the day – many thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their sailing to administer the day.

In the final wash-up, Sean took the chocolates in a very close finish with Roger – 24 point to Sean and 26 to Roger. Rosco was third on 36 points.

The day was a really good warm-up for the 10R State Championships which will be held at Champion Lakes next weekend.


Sean Wallis 24
Roger Paul  26
Rosco Bennett  36
Jeff Green  41
Denton Roberts 55
Chris Woods 59

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