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Bink Frayne Memorial Regatta 2018

This year was the third running of the Bink Frayne Memorial Regatta for A Class.The club holds this regatta annually in memory of our friend Bink, who was a great clubman and friend to us all.

Saturday 10 March was a lovely warm autumn day at Jackadder Lake. The wind blew from the east, which made sailing conditions rather difficult, but the same for everyone. The racing got underway in the morning and by lunchtime, 8 races had been run. After lunch, the IOMs joined us, and gave the A Class skippers a break! 7 boats hit the water this year, with a couple of the regulars away either travelling or working.

Some boats had their A jib and B main up, as the winds were quite gusty. A few were sailing with their A rig, and managed the conditions comfortably. As the day unfolded, all of the boats were able to put their A main up as well. Getting a good start was the key to making it into the top placings. There were some very large shifts in the wind, and trying to pick them was a bit like trying to pick lottery numbers. Over the course of the day, Glenn took the chocolates from Graham and Ian Sherriff in third place. full results will appear shortly.

At the conclusion of racing, we welcomed Marg Frayne, and her daughters Sas and Libby. It was great to see the Fraynes again, and we really thank them for bringing some sandwiches and a couple of bottles of bubbles. It was a great club day, with friendly competition and fellowship. Bink would have approved.



Bink Frayne Memorial


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