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Bink Frayne Memorial Regatta 2018

This year was the third running of the Bink Frayne Memorial Regatta for A Class.The club holds this regatta annually in memory of our friend Bink, who was a great clubman and friend to us all.

Saturday 10 March was a lovely warm autumn day at Jackadder Lake. The wind blew from the east, which made sailing conditions rather difficult, but the same for everyone. The racing got underway in the morning and by lunchtime, 8 races had been run. After lunch, the IOMs joined us, and gave the A Class skippers a break! 7 boats hit the water this year, with a couple of the regulars away either travelling or working.

Some boats had their A jib and B main up, as the winds were quite gusty. A few were sailing with their A rig, and managed the conditions comfortably. As the day unfolded, all of the boats were able to put their A main up as well. Getting a good start was the key to making it into the top placings. There were some very large shifts in the wind, and trying to pick them was a bit like trying to pick lottery numbers. Over the course of the day, Glenn took the chocolates from Graham and Ian Sherriff in third place. full results will appear shortly.

At the conclusion of racing, we welcomed Marg Frayne, and her daughters Sas and Libby. It was great to see the Fraynes again, and we really thank them for bringing some sandwiches and a couple of bottles of bubbles. It was a great club day, with friendly competition and fellowship. Bink would have approved.



Bink Frayne Memorial


2017 South West Championships and Busselton Cup regatta

2017 RSAWA South West Championships and Busselton Cup

IOM skippers in WA spent the weekend of May 6 and 7 down in Busselton for the South-
West Championships and the Busselton Cup. The idea of the two regattas is to encourage skippers who may not consider themselves at the level of highly competitive regatta, but would like to participate in a more relaxed event.

This year, there were 13 in the Championships, and 5 in the Cup on Saturday, and 7 on Sunday. Most of the Perth guys drove down on Friday afternoon and spent the weekend in various locations. It happened to be the weekend of the Busselton Ironman event, so unfortunately, accommodation was at a premium. Thankfully some of the local guys hosted a few of the skippers.

Saturday’s forecast didn’t look all that good, with light south-easterly winds predicted for most of the day. This meant that the winds blew straight across the lake towards the sailing area, making setting a starting line very difficult. The wind really was light, never blowing more than about 5 knots, and fading as the day progressed. Nevertheless, we managed to get 9 Championship and 8 Cup races completed for the day.


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Rob Mews takes out the WA A Class State Championship

The Western Australian A Class State Championships were sailed on Jackadder Lake on Sunday 23 August. The day was sunny but quite brisk all day. The morning chill gave way to a pleasant middle part of the day, but as soon as the sun started to fall, the chill returned.

As far as the wind was concerned, the morning started out with a north-easterly breeze which blew in at about 8 knots. Typical of an easterly on Jackadder Lake, the direction didn't stay still for long. There were plenty of shifts to make PRO Justin McAullay's job more interesting. Fortunately, racing got underway fairly close to time.

2015 A Class States

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WA IOM Metro Championship and Champion Lakes Cup

The WA Metropolitan Championships and the Champion Lakes Cup were sailed today at Champion Lakes. The PRO for the day was Richard Fielder, and he was faced with light, variable winds which didn't settle until the middle of the afternoon. Nevertheless, Richard managed to lose only about 2 hours of sailing time, despite the lack of co-operation of the wind.

There were 13 skippers in the championship ranking field and another 4 in the Champion Lakes Cup. At the end of the day, we managed to get in 12 races.

Racing was scheduled to commence at 10.30, but we didn't get into the action until about 11.00. We started in a north westerly breeze of only 3 or 4 knots. The shifts meant that it was possible to get caught in the wrong spot and watch the fleet sail right passed. There were only two races prior to an early lunch.


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Vale Bink Frayne

It is with great saddness that we learned of the passing of one of our long standing members, Bink Frayne.

Bink passed away suddenly on Thursday 28 May 2015 as a result of a heart attack. His smiling face, encouraging comments and friendly conversation will be greatly missed around the club. For many years, Bink has represented Perth Radio Sailing Club in Ten Rater and A Class regattas, both at the club and at State and National Competitions. Getting involved with the IOM was to be his next project in radio sailing.

Bink's other interests in life were his family, of whom he was especially proud, his dogs who often kept him company at the lake, as well as his fly fishing. His commitment to his profession of medicine, and in particular radiology, was a great example to all. Bink was at the forefront of his profession, leaving a terrific legacy for future radiologists. Bink was a great traveller and adventurer. He also participated in his local community, being involved with the local council and in the political arena. He always had the best interests of his community at heart.

At the recent National Championships, Bink didn't sail, but made his boat available to Graham Bantock, so that he could participate. He and Margie looked after Lorna and Graham Bantock, with accommodation, access to their holiday house and a vehicle. This was typical of Bink's generosity and friendship.

The members of PRSC extend our heartfelt condolences to Margie, Libby, Robert, Michael, Sassy and their families. We will miss Binky around the lake.

The following photo was provided by Graham Bantock - a typical Bink Frayne moment - relaxed, smiling, walking the dogs, having a chat.

Bink Frayne


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