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Information for PRSC Club Members

Website Access

This site contains several sections that are only accessible to Perth Radio Sailing Club Members.

To access these sections you need login with your Username & Password. The login section is on the right column of the page.

If you do not have a Username & Password, or have forgotten, then email the Webmaster with your details, and request access. Once logged in, A new menu called USER DETAILS allows you to change your password to something easier to remember.

Also, there may be certain articles on the front page of the website that are only relevant to members. These may include notices of the AGM, etc.

Once again, this information will only be visible to logged in members.

Contact Details

To facilitate communication between Club members, a list of members is available. If you change any details (eg address, email address, etc) then, advise the Club Secretary  of the changes.

Measurement Forms and Class Rules

Class Rules, Measurement Forms and Measurement Calculation Spreadsheets for IOM, Ten Rater and A Class are available on the website. Have a look in the "Class Rules" menu on the right side of the page to access all the current measurement forms.

Sail Marking Measurement details which apply to all classes are found here.

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