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Getting Started

If you are interested in Radio Controlled Sailing at Perth Radio Sailing Club then our advice is as follows:

PRSC members are usually at Jackadder Lake in Woodlands every Thursday and Saturday afternoon throughout the year. Club racing commences at 2.00pm, but members often arrive about 1.00pm. Plan to visit the lake and please make yourself known to one of the members. We are keen to introduce new people to the sport.
Most members are more than happy to let you have a sail of their boat. Sailing them is easy - sailing them well is the hard part! Before long, you are sure to have a Radio in your hands and in control of a boat.
Buy a second-hand boat (almost any one will do providing it sails). Get sailing as soon as you can.PRSC members will give you plenty of advice regarding which boat is likely to be suitable for you, as well as giving advice on cost, value for money etc. The PRSC website classifieds section normally has a boat or two advertised for sale.
Plan to spend the first year learning about (a) the sport at all levels and (b) the boats used in competition. Plan to up-grade your boat after the first season to one that you have chosen carefully, based on what you have learnt.

We would not recommend buying a kit or building from a plan to any newcomer to the sport. We would not suggest buying a brand new boat either. Most skippers find that they are able to upgrade once they have picked up enough knowledge to work out what type of design they want.
There are many club members who have the experience and ability to assist you to get started, so please don't hesitate to ask!


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